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Instructor Bios


Sheree James

(Owner, Zumba, Zumbatomic,Hip-Hop, Urban Striptease, Red Hot Dance/Barre Instructor)

2014-06-27 10.00.21Sheree began her dance-fitness journey late in 2009 as a participant. She immediately knew this was something she wanted to do. She began with her Zumba license and in 2011 after growing small classes to large classes at local gyms she took it out on her own and Shake It Off was born. A former 2x All-American Softball Player, High School Spanish Teacher and a Wife and Mom, Sheree is up for any challenge. She enjoys meeting new people, keeping the workouts fresh, fun and challenging! “My goal at “Shake” is to challenge your mind and your body and ALWAYS bring you a highly energetic workout! It’s also a goal of mine to be able to offer something for everyone in the field of dance-fitness. From different instructor’s styles and personalities, to unique class-offerings, music and routines.” Each class is designed to be different so you won’t get bored but always feel like you’re at a party with a group of friends! “I believe I’ve brought together an amazing team who is not just there because they love what they do but they are incredible human beings who have YOU at heart!”  Sheree is a wife (12.5 years, and a mother of two, Malakai (11), Maliyah (8).







Megan Parkinson- Administrative Assistant2014-06-01 16.07.58

Megan has been dancing with Sheree since before Shake It Off existed.  Soon after the business grew, Megan volunteered herself and her husband to help-out with all things SIO!  Soon Megan came “on board” to run check-in processes for prime-time classes.  Megan is from Woodinville and currently resides in Redmond with her husband, John, and 3 children, Aidan (9), Brooke(5), and Kylan (9mo). You can currently meet Megan on Monday and Wednesday nights!








Leah Lauritzen (Zumba, Zumba Step, Red Hot Dance/Barre, Hot Fusion Instructor)


Leah fell in love with Zumba four + years ago and started taking classes. It quickly became her “go to” form of exercise. She loved that it was for every “body” and it was SO fun! She was encouraged to become an instructor by her peers.  Her spunky attitude and love for Zumba seemed a perfect fit. She enjoys seeing people dance and have fun and challenge themselves! Leah really loves seeing their faces when they know they’ve just gotten a great workout and had a ton fun doing it!  “My goal as an instructor is to show people that exercise can be fun. And you don’t have to be a professional dancer to do Zumba! it doesnt have to be perfect, its about moving, being silly and having fun! She combines moderate and high-impact routines for a highly energizing workout.”I love ALL genres of music! You will find a little bit of everything in my classes.”  Leah is married (11 years) and has 3 boys…Hayden (11) Byron (7) and Landon (3).




Jennifer Jessup  (Red Hot Barre, Zumba, Hot Fusion Instructor)



Jen has been dancing since she learned to walk and has been in love with it ever since. She has been trained in ballet, tap, and jazz but left all of those behind for hip hop when she was in the eighth grade and Cheer in Highschool as well as College. It wasn’t until College that she really became passionate about fitness and took her first Zumba class. It only took one Zumba class for Jen to know it was perfect for her. Zumba combines her love of dance and passion for health and fitness all into one class! Jen’s classes are high-impact with Reggaeton being one of her favorite genre’s. “I really want people to just have fun in my classes and let go of any insecurities. Zumba class is where we can let go and find our own rhythms.” Jen is married ( 2.5 years) with no kids but an amazing puppy!  Jen is currently leading RH Barre at SIO and begins leading Hot Fusion this summer.


Annie Johnson (Zumba, Red Hot Dance Fitness/Barre, Hot Hula, Hot Fusion Instructor)



Annie is a stay at home mom to two beautiful children- Tru (1) and Eva (4). Before she became a mom she fished commercially in Alaska and that is how she met her husband. She became licensed and started teaching Zumba Febuary 2011. Her daughter was 7 months old when she started teaching and helped to get her in the best shape of her life. Annie is also licensed in Red Hot Dance, Hot Hula, and Red Hot Barre. Some of her favorite hobbies are camping with family, taking other fitness classes, and teaching her daughter to ride on her pony.  Annie has an awesome easy-to-follow stylethat allows participants to feel comfortable and confident even if they’re participating in their very first class.  The options of her moves allow members to “go with the flow” or pick things up at a high intensity.  She does an excellent job of demonstrating low, moderate and high impact options.




ADRIANA (Zumba, Hot Hula, Hot Fusion Instructor)
Our spicy and youthful Latina, Adriana has been at SIO for almost 2 years.  Adriana is a Zumba instructor with authentic Latin flavor. Adriana leads with sass and spunk and is passionate about showing you a good time. She enjoys Merengue and Salsa but has expanded her Zumba playlist to include reggaeton and other diverse rhythms.  When you dance with Adriana it is a more authentic flavor, just watch and follow along and experience the movement of the latin world.  Adriana had her first child in November, Alessandra, who is now 9 months old.  Adriana also leads classes for SIO at UWB.
AMY (Hot Hula)
Meet the newest member of our team,  Amy. “I am so excited to be teaching Hot Hula Fitness at Shake it Off Dance Fitness. I have a wonderful husband Scott and we live in Redmond with our two kids; Adam 7 1/2 and Lily 5.”  Amy learned about Hot Hula two years ago. She always wanted to learn how to shake it island style and attended a master class with the creator of Hot Hula Fitness Anna-Rita Sloss, who encouraged Amy to train t10612075_10152657080724275_943886402_oo become a certified instructor. Amy loves the Tahitian Beats and the music and most of all the dance moves. “I have even had a fun opportunity to dance live on local TV!” It has been a great adventure for her becoming a fitness instructor and she loves meeting new people and sharing Hot Hula Fitness.